Do I Really Need To Know This?

This is an actual email sent to a friend of mine from an online suitor. Too good not to share. Talk about TMI.


I’d love to chat sometime when you are free. One thing you should probably know about me, beyond all the normal day-to-day activities that we all have to do to take care of our lives and careers, I sometimes like to hit the nude beach or visit a classy nudist resort as a form of pure stress relieving fun and freedom. 

I don’t get to do this very often unfortunately, but when I do want to go I’m looking for a partner who’s cool enough, fun enough, open-minded enough, and sexy enough to go and play with me at places like that. I’m not a full-time nudist and I’m definitely not a swinger, but I am a guy who doesn’t like to live my life by other people’s puritanical, religiously repressed, judgmental sense of morality. 

I’m fun, sexy, sensual, and sometimes a bit naughty, and guess what; I really like those playful, happy, loving, qualities about myself:) My life is filled with many hope, dreams, goals, and adventures. I know what’s right and wrong in life and because I’m very clear about that, I set my own limits, other people don’t set them for me.

I’f you’re cool like that and want to talk further, let me know and I’ll shoot you over my number so we can talk whenever you’re free.



8 responses to “Do I Really Need To Know This?

  1. I’m still waiting for your friend’s reply.

  2. At this point, nothing surprises me. That said: Would a more sensible person just let it slip out on the date, whether than let it “all hang out there?”

  3. I got several like this and finally became so disgusted with the process I removed all online profiles.
    I mean, if you met a man at a bar, how would you react if he sauntered over, sat down, and said, “Hi. my name’s Joe. You should probably know that I like to cavort naked in public places from time to time, and I’d like you to cavort, naked, with me. That’s cool, right?”
    I hate dating as well. I *especially* hate online dating. Blechk.

  4. aparnanairphotography

    You know, we all have strange habits (okay, I’m not into nudist colonies or anything – mine’s more like examining my pores and dying my hair varying shades of blue), but perhaps on more shocking and controversial weird habits you could wait until a few dates in to let the person know!?