Mr. Faucet – Conclusion

As I tried to imagine how he mysteriously switched from hot to cold over the course of 48 hours, Mr. Faucet put my questions to rest with his candid email.

Dear Datehater,
I had fun with you on Wednesday and the week before.  I met someone on Friday that I really connected with and I feel it’s a strong match so I’m going to explore the relationship a bit.  I feel that you and I connected as well, but think I’m a better fit for someone who also has been through the same life experiences as me – a divorce, kids, etc.  That’s not why I went to bed early on Wednesday – I’m actually still sick – but I wanted to let you know where I’m coming from.

:) Faucet

At least that makes sense. So now I’m discriminated against for not being divorced with kids! What I’m confused about is which Friday he is referring to when he met the divorce’. The Friday as in the day after we went out and the night before he wrote how into me he was? Or the Friday, the day after he was already acting strange? No matter, whatever, I’m out.

But really gentlemen, how dumb can you be to cut off your options after going out once with someone? I suppose it’s the same impulsive behavior that would possess you to tell me you don’t want to scare me but you can’t wait to see me and get to know me after going out once.


8 responses to “Mr. Faucet – Conclusion

  1. Cowboy, cowboy, cowboy!

  2. I’ve written that same email countless times and maybe once or twice it was actually true. It’s the “nice” way of ending things when you realize you’re not into someone. Perhaps he realized he wasn’t attracted to you. Perhaps some mannerism or specific feature/characteristic you posses suddenly turned him off. It happens to all of us and we’re powerless to explain it. Just like the person on the other side is usually powerless to over analyzing it.

  3. See, there you go with the incorrect use of the word “wrong.” Yes, it’s something about YOU that made him go cold, but that doesn’t mean there’s something WRONG with you. It simply means he prefers something that isn’t you. He has every right to his own preferences. I prefer Nike over Reebok. Does that mean there’s something WRONG with Reeboks? No! Bottom line: he went cold as soon as he realized you’re a Reebok when he knows he prefers Nike.

    But rather than be logical and accept this very simple reality, people can’t fathom why anyone would ever dare reject them.

  4. So if you understand that, then why did you have to go and say he was “dumb” for cutting off his options after one date? Why did you complain about being “discriminated against” for not being divorced? Why did you end your post by calling him a “schmuck”?

    That just proves that you ARE overly sensitive and irrational. If you TRULY understood that he simply didn’t like you for his own perfectly justifiable reasons, you wouldn’t need to smear him, and all gentlemen for that matter, in the manner you did.