Come n Get it….Live One Here!

I really couldn’t make this up. Funny how we always notice when someone posts a terribly unflattering photo of themselves in their profile….makes you wonder how accurate this one is…

Do you think he’s looking for a meaningful relationship? ….Or keeps cucumbers in his bed?

5 responses to “Come n Get it….Live One Here!

  1. aparnanairphotography

    Gross! Would any woman ever look at that and say “Gee, I think he might be The One?” I think not.

  2. his hands are free.. so, who took the picture.. if a girl, then why is he on dating site?.. if a guy, then why on a heterosexual dating site? anyway, you know it turned you on, so i have to ask, did he return your email?

  3. i don’t believe you….