So I got this message today…

OH. MY. GOD. you may be the hottest, sexiest girl I have ever seen, what the hell are you doing on a site like this… btw I know you probably wont message me back, but I figured I wouldn’t pass up this chance… 

simply gorgeous… 


yeah….he’s 22

I’m not…even close to 22.

Hurricane Man and I went out last week and had a fabulous time. Was a lot of fun, chemistry, attraction, laughs etc. We went back and forth a few times during the week but never got together. I did get a message at 10:40 pm one night asking if I wanted to come over to his apartment. So this one is pretty cut and dry. If he calls and follows up this week with a date that consists of something more than booty I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If I get another late night invite I won’t be totally surprised and if I never hear from him again…I won’t be surprised at all.

6 responses to “Booty-licious

  1. so how was it with the hurricane man.. hot and heavy? did you “blow” eachother away?

  2. so what part of nyc did the datehater settle in?

  3. what ever happened to some of the former guys you hung out with in nyc years ago? surely they are still available, no?