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HOT off the press

I would have included this in my previous post, however, it just came in. From a very attractive, very young (early-mid 20’s) man. So it’s pretty clear, if I’d like to have sex  with a different young man every night….it’s pretty much up for the taking. I’m sure you men are jealous and thinking “why the hell not!” Ughhh….

Am I  the only normal person online looking for a relationship?….Don’t answer that. Just read…

Hi there. I am looking for something very different and thought you might be interested. I am looking to put on a show for a woman who is nice looking and classy. Basically I will be nude and get off in front of you with in a kinky way. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy. More and less can happen depending on the situation. I am a very nice and respectful guy and do not do this often at all. I am actually leaving work soon and wont be online at all but would love to talk. Maybe email me if you would like to?

I can also explain to you why I decided to message you specifically.



So I got this message today…

OH. MY. GOD. you may be the hottest, sexiest girl I have ever seen, what the hell are you doing on a site like this… btw I know you probably wont message me back, but I figured I wouldn’t pass up this chance… 

simply gorgeous… 


yeah….he’s 22

I’m not…even close to 22.

Hurricane Man and I went out last week and had a fabulous time. Was a lot of fun, chemistry, attraction, laughs etc. We went back and forth a few times during the week but never got together. I did get a message at 10:40 pm one night asking if I wanted to come over to his apartment. So this one is pretty cut and dry. If he calls and follows up this week with a date that consists of something more than booty I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If I get another late night invite I won’t be totally surprised and if I never hear from him again…I won’t be surprised at all.

Three Types of Women to Date

I know this is a joke of sorts…but it’s funny cause it’s true.